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Outsource training and insource revenue…

Is your R&D team working less than full steam ahead on development, because they are saddled with the extra burden of training? If so, you might want to ask yourself if this is an efficient - not to mention cost-effective - use of their time. Inter Office offers you a full suite of outsourced training services that allow your organization to focus on its core competencies.

All of our trainers have technical backgrounds and, more importantly, they are specialists in training who know how to:
Convey the information and make sure participants have
understood and internalized it.
Design the curriculum so that it best reflects the issues.
Determine the length of the sessions required.
Customize training to reflect the background of participants.

Professional, results oriented & cost effective

InterOffice will work with you to develop training materials, provide you with experienced trainers who understand your industry and give your customers user-oriented training that ensures they have the knowledge to make the most of your products.

As your technical training partner, Inter Office delivers your message to your customers efficiently and effectively - at a cost that is lower than in-house solutions.

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